Product Code: 150/40, 150/41, 150/46

Marker for Deep Holes.

  • Ideal for spots hard to reach.
  • Marks on almost all kinds of dry surfaces.
  • Convenient quiver cap with special clip for perfect one handed handling.
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink , removable from glossy surfaces with alcohol and other usable solvents.
  • Works up to 24 hours uncapped.
  • Extended tip made of stainless steel – self-adjusting and patented: up to 3 times more marking capacity by using full 7 mm of the fiber nib’s length of abrasion, instead of 2 mm.

Nib can be twisted several times by 180° for a prolonged life”.

  • Move the telescopic tip back with pincers.
  • Tear out the nib wick and turn through 180°.
  • Insert the nib wick again and move the telescopic tip forward.

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